A Touching Tribute

On July 21, 2012 the graduates of YES Uganda organized a wonderful celebration for me that I will never forget. I was so very moved and overwhelmed by the love they all showed.

The day started by meeting at the Church of Uganda Cathedral where the Bishop gave a talk and blessing and then joined us in a parade.








A band led the parade. While most of the people walked I rode in a decorated pick-up truck with an elderly lady and dear friend from here and another new friend from Maui who had injured her knee.

The parade took us all the way to the YES hostel where there were many speeches from our graduates. They had organized and prepared a large meal and then the day ended with sharing of gifts. The little boy in one picture is the son of two of our graduates of the program.

This last photo is me surrounded by many of my grown kids.

It was such a special day. It made me know clearly why I am here and showed me how blessed I have been to know so many people who are now my family

I was once asked what will I do when I become much older and need family or someone to care for me. I now reply by asking “how many people can say that they have 100 plus children who care?!”

Much appreciation goes out to all the people who continue to support our program and make all of this a reality. Without you these kids would not have had much of a chance to be where they are now.


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