The powerful story of two faces…

I truly believe that these two faces really tell the story of why we have the Manna Rescue Home. The very sad, scared and sick boy in this photo is 13 years of age and has been made to feel worthless and unwanted. His disease has progressed and make him very sick and weak and his extended family do not want him around. Both of his parents have died of AIDS and he is told often that he is soon to follow.
This second face is of a happy little boy who is also HIV positive, but who has medicine and is being treated and now knows that he is loved and an important person. He plays and runs and laughs like any kid should and he looks forward to a future.
The blessing is that the first young man is now at the Manna Rescue Home. He is amazed that he has food and enough to eat and is treated well. He is older and has faced so many hard-ships that it will take a bit longer  … but we look so forward to seeing him smile, play and develop hope for his own future.
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2 Responses to The powerful story of two faces…

  1. Jeanne Groszbach says:

    We serve a loving God who is equally merciful. Thank God your new young man is at Manna House and my prayers and heart goes out to everyone involved.


  2. Chris Charles says:

    Hi Carol

    Can I do anything to help him?



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