Archibald Project Spotlights Y.E.S.

Hello everyone,

I have had a wonderful experience with an organization called the Archibald Project. The lovely couple who run it, Nick and Whitney Runyon came to visit me and the program one weekend and spent a lot of time doing a video and photos of the work. They also raised funds to build a local style house for a family of 5 kids left with no caregivers and a falling down house. I am so very grateful for their work and their help in promoting the work of YES.  This week they are highlighting some of the adult graduates stories on their blog. There will be a new story each day.  You can read them here:

I also continue to be grateful to so many who donate to the program and kids. They are the ones who keep all of the work going yearly. I am now in my 20th year here and some of you have stood behind me all this time. Please know that I never take your generous help for granted.

A huge THANK YOU to all!!!!!!


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One Response to Archibald Project Spotlights Y.E.S.

  1. Elaine Cooper says:

    That is wonderful news Carol..I think of my time with you and the children often and keep you in my prayers..Elaine Cooper.


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