Meet Carol

Carol’s Testimony

“At the beginning of 1995, I was living in Maui, Hawaii. I was running the riding program of Mauka Lani Stables and staying in a nice little house that my church was providing for me. I was earning a good income and had leisure time to enjoy life on my beautiful island. But I felt that I should be contributing more to the world but was not sure in what way.

At that point, the Lord gave me the thought that I should consider the mission field. I said in my mind, “Lord, if You can use me I will go anywhere that You lead me.” I felt that I was to go to Africa and work with orphaned children.

In late November I met a Christian singing group from Kampala, Uganda. They told me that they had been in prayer for someone to help at an orphanage they had in Luweero. On Jan. 1st, was on the plane to Uganda. On the last day of their visit the boys and I drove to Luweero to see the orphanage. We found that it had been deserted and was run down, with no water or electricity. The man who owned it said that for $1,500 a month I could have it, and neither the boys nor I had that kind of money. That evening the boys boarded a plane and I was almost alone in Kampala.

I thank God for one Christian Ugandan lady, Rose Musoke, who came by the Naremembe guest house to help me and check on me. On Wednesday, Jan. 17, Rose invited me to attend a Bible study group in Mukono at the home of the Willcoxes, a wonderful, elderly missionary couple. I shared my situation with them. The next day I received a call from Simeon Wiehler of Besaniya Children’s Home.

He came to meet me on Friday. Soon I met a young minister who also had a desire to work with orphans and widows in the Fort Portal area. Our callings seemed to coincide.

I traveled to Fort Portal with him and began working with the orphans and widows. There are over 35,000 orphans in this district. God led me here with His many miracles. Our God is wonderful and loving and has been with me in all my weaknesses, and I know that He will continue to be with me”.


One Response to Meet Carol

  1. Judy "Buff" Walton says:

    Carol, you are amazing!!! We, the class of 62, are getting together on Sunday…we do lunch every so often as there are about 20 of us in the area. I have been tasked by Nancy to get ideas on how we can help you.

    If you are in need of something or can let us know how we can help, please write and fill us in.


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